Do you have a web development need? Whether you're looking for a redesign, brand new website or addition to an existing site, I'm here to help.

Below is a short list of solutions I currently provide to clients on a regular basis. If you have a need that isn't listed, please contact me today to see your project needs and my experience are a good fit.

Mura CMS Development
Do you have an existing Mura CMS website that you need help modifying or updating? Are you looking for a content management system that will be flexible enough to integrate with established business processes and easy to maintain?

Mura CMS Theme Development
We have all sorts of experience developing themes for Mura CMS. From modification of the default theme, MuraBootstrap, creating a new theme based on a popular responsive framework (Bootstrap, Skeleton, Foundation, etc.) or porting an existing theme from WrapBootstrap, ThemeForest or similar reseller. We've done it all.

Mura CMS Modules
Formerly known as Display Objects, Modules are a powerful upgrade to their former existence. Modules can literally be used for building applications within Mura with drag and drop placement from the inline editor and unlimited configuration possibilities. The only limitation that Modules have when compared to Mura Plug-Ins is the lack of Mura Admin integration. Otherwise sky's the limit.

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Custom Web App Development
We've been building custom web applications for nearly 20 years. In the early days a lot of work was done to create homegrown content management solutions for sections of websites. Today the custom web development can be a mix of integrating multiple processes,


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